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We believe in a real God, who really cares and who has great plans for you. We’d love for you to come and visit us at our sister website Questions God. Com and see what we’re all about here.


Use one of our many daily Bible reading plans to easily read Scriptures. Reading the Bible daily is important to grow your faith and hope! They range from two week commitments to year-long commitments, from reading straight through cover to cover, to topical readings, to a mixture of readings each day. Check out our 70 Bible Reading Plans at our sister website Questions God. Com 70 BIBLE READING PLANS HERE.

New to the Bible or New Christians Bible Reading Plans - Each plan is different - Plans 1-12 here.
Blended Bible Reading Plans - Old and New Testament combined daily - Plans 13-17 here.
Classic One & Two Year Plans - From the Beginning Genesis to the end of Revelation in order - Plans 18-23 here.
Chronological One Year Plans - Read the events of the Bible in the order they occurred - Plans: 24-25 here
Genres (Literature) Style One Year Plans - Reading the different Genre types - Plans: 26-27 here
Short Term Reading Commitments - Two week Plans for those with busy schedules - Plans 29 -41 here.
Children's Bible Reading Plans
 - 10 minutes a day for Children and Family Bible Readings - Plans 42-50 here.
Assorted & Diverse Excellent Bible Reading Plans - Variety of Books of the Bible Reading Plans - Plans 51-70 here.

Daily Bible Reading Plans



Bible Study Guides that are relevant, engaging and life-changing —- making your life better now, and giving you a real, solid hope for your future. Use these study guides to improve your understanding of the Bible and strengthen your faith Each Bible reading plan is different in type and length. They are as varied as each individual so you have many to choose from. Consider the following options, but remember to choose one. Regular reading in God's Word is not optional. It's a necessity!

Request any of our free Study Guides here.

  1. God’s Simple Plan of SalvationSearching for Answers – 3 week guide here.
  2. New Christian Study GuideNew To Christianity – 3 week study guide here.
  3. Steps to Spiritual Maturity GuideNurturing Resources – 3 week guide here.
  4. The Gospel of JohnKnowing God Better – Personal book study - 3 weeks here.
  5. Inspirational Daily DevotionalsEncouraging Spiritual Reflections – daily here.
  6. Monthly Newsletter Christ Centered Information – once a month here.
  7. Personal Evangelism TrainingShare the Gospel – fun creative way here.
  8. Bible Studies – Instructive Resources – connecting you nearer to God here.

Free Study Guides

If you are looking for a Bible we have a list of excellent Bibles that you can order online depending in what country you live in for under $15.00 USD here.


Read Slowly read the passage listed. The passages are relatively short, so take time to consider each phrase. If you do not understand something, you might refer to your Bible's study notes.

Apply Ponder the brief interpretation in light of the passage. What is the biblical writer trying to say? What is the main point? Using the thought-provoking questions, seek the Spirit's guidance regarding your own response to the passage. These are not quick fill-in-the-blank questions; they are intended to cause you to slow down and meditate on the truth God is teaching you. How does the biblical teaching apply to your life? Where do you need to grow or change? How has Christ already changed you?

Pray for a genuinely transformed life enabled to live as Christ lived. You might use this time to pray for other issues as well. Praise Christ for his goodness.

Do Daily suggestions that help drive the message in practical ways deep into your heart and life.


Where should you start when reading the Scriptures? With the material about Jesus. That is the New Testament and especially the gospels. Read the New Testament in order, starting with Matthew and going book by book until you reach the last chapter of Revelation. This will give you a good idea about Jesus, the Church and Christian living. Recommend taking our 21 day Study Guide on The Gospel of JohnKnowing God Better – Personal book study - 3 weeks here.

On our sister website Questions God. Com we have 70 Bible Reading Plans starting at two weeks long to over an year long. They are designed for you as an individual if you are just starting out or have been a Christian for awhile. 70 Bible Reading Plans Here.


Many people are confused by the large number of different bible translations available. Personally would recommend the New International Version (NIV) as most Pastor's use it for preaching and teaching. It is accurate, easier to read and understand God's Word.

Other good translations include: NASB (New American Standard Bible), NRSV (New Revised Standard Version), and the NIV (New International Version), ESV (English Standard Version) and the NKJV (New King James Version). Some easy to read but not so accurate translations include The Living Bible (LB) , The New Living Bible (NLB), The Message, The Good News Bible (GNB for those new to the Bible.

For those new Christians recommend a devotional Bible as it helps explain the Bible verses that you can apply spiritually to your life. We have a list of good devotional Bibles you can order online depending in what country you live in for under $15.00 USD here.

BOOKS AND RESOURCES: That Can Help You Understand The Bible.

  1. Commentaries - these analyze passages of the bible in-depth. Some good one volume commentaries that treat the whole Bible in one volume are available - just ask your Christian bookstore.
    An excellent devotional commentary is Matthew Henry's Commentary. online here.
    Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary Download (zip file) here.
    Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary (PDF file) Read or Save to your computer here

  2. Maps - Maps and Archaeology/Bible Lands - Knowing a bit about the life and times, history and culture of people in Bible lands can be fascinating and very helpful.You can also see our maps and archaeology and Bible Lands here.

  3. Bible Dictionary is a way to find all you need to know about the life and culture.
    Easton's Bible Dictionary - read online or Download (zip file) here.

  4. Topical Bible is excellent for looking up topics of the Bible.
    Torrey's New Topical Textbook here.

  5. Concordances - a concordance is like an extensive index to the Bible that lists the words in the Bible and where they can be found. They are very helpful in bible study so that you can easily find all the verses on "money" or some other topic and find out all the Bible has to say about it. Good concordances include Strong's, Young's and Crudens here.

  6. Bible programs also allow you to do this very quickly on a computer and have many other helps as well. Good Bible search programs include Quick verse, and Logos.

  7. Download the above and more Resources here.

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The scriptures are perfect, but men are fallible. I prayerfully check all of the material I put on my sites. However, I am quite capable of missing something or making a mistake. If you find anything at all on these pages that is questionable or find any links broken please contact us here.

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