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100's of Sermons of Great Men of God and Great Preachers click here

To see a list of Christian Preachers by Denomination click here

Dictionary of Christian Biography & Literature by Henry Wace click here
(to the end of 6th Century and also Sects and Heresies added) (Large pdf file)


Aimee S. Mcpherson The Revival Legacy of A. Mcpherson by Gary B. McGee click here

Andrew Murray - Absolute Surrender click here
The Apostle Of Abiding Love.
"Murray was an alert and intense man, continuing on in his writings until his death at age eighty nine. His burning desire to transpose all that lay on his heart and spirit to paper was revealed in the presence of several manuscripts in various stages of completion at the time of his death."

A. J. Gordon - Fifty Eight A. J. Gordon Quotations click here
Christ calms the heart now.
Adoniram Judson Gordon was born in New Hampshire in 1836 to devout Christian parents. At about age fifteen he was saved. One year later he expressed his desire to prepare for the ministry.

A. T. Pierson The Life Of... by Tom Stewart click here

A. W. Tozer - The Pursuit of God click here
A Life In Pursuit of God
"Although A. W. Tozer died in 1963, his life and spiritual legacy continue to draw many into a deeper knowledge of God. Tozer walked a path in his spiritual life that few attempt, characterized by a relentless and loving pursuit of God. "

Billy Graham The personal Story by Stanley High click here

Billy Sunday The Man & His Message by William T. Ellis click here

Billy Sunday The Man & The Method by Frederick W. Betts click here

Brother Lawrence - The Practice of the Presence of God click here
Practiced the presence of God.
" Brother Lawrence was a French monk (Carmelite) who lived from 1611 to 1691. Prior to becoming a monk he was known as Nicholas Herman of Lorraine. Like St. Francis, as a young man he was a soldier, but after becoming a monk he lived a quiet life performing various domestic chores for his monastery."

Catherine Booth by Colonel Mildred Duff click here

Charles G. Finney an Auto-Biography click here
The Persuaded Life.
No other person has influenced the subject of revival in America like Charles Grandison Finney. Nor did anyone better represent the untamed spirit of frontier America in the 19th century than Finney. His life and ministry spanned continents and controversy. In America, Finney was considered the father of modern revivalism with over 500,000 conversions resulting from his ministry.

Charles H. Spurgeon Conversion by Charles H. Spurgeon click here
The Prince of Preachers.
"An English Nonconformist, was born at Kelvedon, Essex, on the 19th of June 1834. He was the grandson of an Essex pastor, and son of John Spurgeon, Independent minister at Upper Street, Islington. The following is a self written testimony of how Charles Spurgeon came to Christ."

David Brainerd Diary click here

David Brainerd - The Journal of Brainerd by David Brainerd click here
The Empowered Life.
"Dwight Moody was one of history's most influential and effective servants of God. It is estimated that during Moody's lifetime, he traveled more than one million miles, spoke to more than 100 million people, and led hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."

Dwight L. Moody by J. Gilchrist Lawson click here

Dwight L Moody Sayings click here

Dwight L Moody - Why God Used D. L. Moody by R. A. Torrey click here

E. M. Bounds - Prayer and Praying Men by E. M. Bounds click here
The mighty prayer warrior.
"E. M. Bounds was born in Missouri in 1835. He studied deeply in the scriptures, and was greatly inspired by the writings of John Wesley. At the age of twenty-four he felt called to be a preacher, and became pastor of a small Methodist congregation in Monticello, Missouri."

Foxes Book of Martyrs click here

F. B. Meyer The Way Into the Holiest by F. B. Meyer click here
One of the greatly loved preachers of his day.
Said one author: "The phrasing of Meyer's sermons was simple and direct; he polished his discourses as an artist polishes a perfect stone. There was always a glowing imagery in his words; his speech was pastoral, lovely as an English valley washed in sunlight... In his day, great wars raged. Those who went to hear him forgot the battles."

George Fox an Autobiography click here
The unshakable Shaker.
When George Fox was about 23, he began preaching to others the truths revealed to him. He was mightily used of God. Thus he came in the nick of time "to save the church from deadness and formalism, and the world from infidelity." He was sent of God to call the church to real spiritual worship.
His preaching was plain but powerful. It may have lacked eloquence or clearness, it may have been given in involved sentences and been almost unintelligible, but the Holy Ghost was never lacking in all of Fox's discourses. He excelled in prayer

George Fox Journal or Historical Account of George Fox click here

George Muller of Bristol by Arthur T. Pierson click here

George Muller A Narrative of Some of the Lord's Dealings Part 1 click here

George Muller A Narrative of Some of the Lord's Dealings Part 2 click here

George Muller A Narrative of Some of the Lord's Dealings Part 3 click here

George Muller A Narrative of Some of the Lord's Dealings Part 4 click here

George Whitefield and His Ministry by J. C. Ryle click here
Deep passion for the Gospel.
"In 1737, when only a twenty-two year old Oxford graduate, George Whitefield's voice startled England like a trumpet blast. Attacked by clergy, press and mob alike, Whitefield nevertheless became the most popular and influential preacher of the age. At a time when London had a population of less than 700,000, he could hold spellbound 20,000 people at a time at Moorfields and Kennington Common."

Gypsy Smith - His Life & Work By Himself click here

Harry A. Ironside Biography by Ed Reese click here
A Unique Ministry.
Never formally ordained and with no experience whatever as a pastor, Ironside took over the 4,000-seat Moody Memorial Church in Chicago and often filled it to capacity for 18 1/2 years.

Hudson Taylor A Retrospect by Hudson Taylor click here
The Exchanged Life.
"James Hudson Taylor was born into a Christian home in England where zeal for Christ was the mainspring. Born in 1832, Taylor's parents had prayed: "Dear God, if You should give us a son, grant that he may work for You in China.""

Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission... Vol 2 by Hudson Taylor click here

Hudson Taylor in Early Years-The Growth of a Soul Vol 1 by Hudson Taylor click here

Hudson Taylor - The Life & Ministry of J. Hudson Taylor by Ed Reese click here.

J. C. Ryle Farewell to the Diocese click here
First Bishop of Liverpool.
Ryle combined his commanding presence and vigorous advocacy of his principles with graciousness and warmth in his personal relations. Vast numbers of working men and women attended his special preaching meetings, and many were led to faith in Christ.

John Bunyan - A Continuation of Mr. Bunyan's Life click here
English Baptist preacher and writer.
"John Bunyan was born in Elstow, England, near Bedford, where he spent most of his life. Although today he is regarded as a literary genius, he had little formal education. At the age of sixteen, this rough and profane young man enlisted in the army of Parliament, and saw active duty during the English Civil War. In 1647, at the age of 19, he married a young woman, who persuaded him to attend church with her regularly, where he heard the Gospel."

John Bunyan - Grace Abounding To The Chief of Sinners click here
(...The Exceeding Mercy of God in Christ, To His Poor Servant, John Bunyan)

John Bunyan- Life of Bunyan by James Hamilton click here

John Bunyan - Relation of His Imprisonment& Efforts of His Wife... click here

John Bunyan - The Life of John Bunyan by Edmund Venables click here

John Bunyan - The Struggler - A Catalogue Table of Mr. Bunyan's Books click here

John Flavel - The Life of the John Flavel click here

John G. Lake Biography click here
English Methodist preacher and writer.
Events led John G Lake to follow his calling into the ministry which would shake two continents, Africa and America. The call of God was so strongly on His life that he sold all that he had, and took his family to Africa where he believed God was calling him to minister the gospel. After a fruitful life during which he served God, and was used of God in the most extraordinary ways, he finally died on 16 September 1935.

John G. Lake Adventures in God by John G. Lake click here

John G. Lake From the Diary by John G. Lake click here

John G. Lake Portland Vision by John G. Lake click here

John Knox - The Life of John Knox by Rev. Thomas M'Crie click here

John Owen - The Life of John Owen by Andrew Thomson click here
Vigorous exertion of the spirit.
"Theologian, was born of Puritan parents at Stadham in Oxfordshire in 1616. At twelve years of age he was admitted at Queen's College, Oxford, where he took his B. A. degree in 1632 and M. A. in 1635. During these years he worked with such diligence that he allowed himself but four hours sleep a night."

John Sung - Billy Graham of China by Dr. Paul Lee Tan click here

John Sung by David Smithers click here

John Wesley by Bonamy Dobree click here

John Wesley - The Journal of John Wesley by John Wesley click here

John Wycliffe by J. C. Ryle click here
He wanted to bring God to the common people.
Despite heated opposition from church leaders, John Wycliffe pursued his mission to make God's Word available to all. His strong words and reform efforts shook the very foundation of the Church, he was challenged in public debates, branded a heretic, and pursued for persecution.

Jonathan Edwards - A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God click here

Jonathan Edwards - Memoir of Jonathan Edwards by Sereno E Dwight click here
Considered to be one of the men most responsible for the Great Awakening
Jonathan Edwards and his wife had eleven children. He spent one hour each night in conversation and instruction with his family. His daughter Jerusha was engaged to David Brainerd when he died of tuberculosis. Edwards' two most famous literary works are "The Life and Diary of David Brainerd" (1749) and "Freedom of the Will" (1754). Edwards is buried in Princeton, New Jersey.

Madame Guyon an Auto-Biography click here

Martin Luther by J. A. Wylie click here

Martin Luther by Philip Schaff click here

Matthew Henry - Life of Matthew Henry by John Bickerton Williams click here

Men of the Bible by D. L. Moody click here

Oswald J. Smith - A Unique Church by Dr. Oswald J. Smith click here

Praying Hyde by Francis A. McGaw click here

Reuben Archer Torrey Did I Miss God's Will for My Life by R. A. Torrey click here
Personal Soul Winner
"If you are this moment troubled about any sin that you have ever committed, either in the past or in the present, just look at Jesus on the cross. It is an act of base ingratitude to God to brood over sins that He in His infinite love has canceled."

Robert Murray Mc'Cheyne - The Biography by Andrew A. Bonar click here
A man of Fervent Prayer.
It is not how long you live, but how you live that counts." Robert Murray M'Cheyne was a living example of this often neglected truth. At twenty-three years old he was ordained and inducted into the church of St. Peters at Dundee. At thirty years old he finished his course, dying in the spring of 1843.

Samuel Davies - A Sermon on the Death of Samuel Davies by Samuel Finley click here

Smith Wigglesworth - Faith Key to Wigglesworth's Ministry by George Stormont click here
He lived so that people would only see Jesus.
His ministry is summed up in his own words, "There are four principles we need to maintain: First, read the Word of God. Second, consume the Word of God until it consumes you. Third believe the Word of God. Fourth, act on the Word." As George Stormont put it, "He lived so that people would only see Jesus."

Smith Wigglesworth - Only Believe, All Things are Possible - The Revival Legacy of Smith Wigglesworth by Gary B. McGee click here

Stephen Charnock - Life & Character of Charnock by William Symington click here

T. Austin-Sparks - God's Spiritual House by T. Austin-Sparks click here
As few men have ever known Him.
"T. Austin-Sparks was one of the great spiritual figures of he twentieth century. When the measure of a man's ministry is taken as to how much he exalted Christ, then T. Austin-Sparks is without peer. The golden cord which ran through all his works was the exaltation of his Lord, to read Sparks is to discover Christ as few men have ever known him."

The Preacher's Power and the Conditions of Obtaining It by Charles H. Spurgeon click here

Watchman Nee - The Ministry of God's Word by Watchman Nee click here
Christian Author and Martyr in China.
"Watchman Nee was born in Foochow, Fukien province, China. Although he was born to a family that was very familiar with the gospel, he rejected Jesus Christ for almost all of his adolescence. Trying to decide whether or not to believe in the Lord, he began to pray. Suddenly the magnitude of his sins and the reality of Jesus engulfed him and at the age of 17, he accepted Christ."

William Booth - The Authoritative Life of General William by George S. Railton click here
Founder of the Salvation Army
"The idea of an Army fighting sin caught the imagination of the people and the Army began to grow rapidly. Booth's fiery sermons and sharp imagery drove the message home and more and more people found themselves willing to leave their past behind and start a new life as a soldier in The Salvation Army."

William Branham A Man Sent From God by Gordon Lindsay click here


100's of Sermons of Great Men of God and Great Preachers click here

To see a list of Christian Preachers by Denomination click here


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