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Heaven & Hell

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Heaven & Hell

A Vision of the Lost by William Booth click here

Eternal Punishment by Arthur W. Pink click here

Heaven And The Angels by H. A. Baker click here

Help Heavenward by Octavius Winslow click here

How to Pray for the Lost click here

Looking to Jesus by R. A. Torrey click here

Many Mansions by Jonathan Edwards click here

New Creation by John Wesley click here

On The Resurrection of the Dead - 1Corinthians 15:35 by John Wesley click here

Prophetic Warning by Stanley Frodsham click here

Revelations on Heaven by 7 Columbian Youths click here

Revelation Twenty by L. R. Shelton click here

Signs Of The Times - Matthew 16:3 by John Wesley click here

The AntiChrist by Arthur W. Pink click here

The Blood of Jesus by William Reid click here

The Foot Of The Cross by Octavius Winslow click here
(Neamess to the Cross, A Sight of Sin & a Sight of Jesus, Faith at the Foot of the Cross, Love at the Foot of the Cross, Prayer at the Foot of the Cross, Forgiveness of Sin at the Foot of the Cross, The Conviction of Truth Beneath the Cross, A life-look at the Foot of the Cross, Bearing the Cross, The Solitude of the Cross, The Believer Crucified, The Repose of the Cross, The Cross of Christ the Christian's Weapon, Christ Crucified the Center of Christian Union)

The Glory of the Christian Dispensation by Robert Murray Mc'Cheyne click here

The Negative Aspects of Heaven or The Negative Attractions of Heaven
by Octavius Winslow click here
(No More Curse, No More Night, No More Sea, No More Hunger & Thirst, No More Pain, No More Pain, No More Tears, No More Death, No Temple)

The Saints Everlasting Rest by Richard Baxter click here

The Strait Way to Heaven by William Dyer click here

The Thomas Welch Story by Thomas Welch click here

The Vision of the Body of Christ & the End Time Ministries by Tommy Hicks click here

Titles of Christ by Octavius Winslow click here

True Saints, When absent from the Body, are Present with the Lord
by Jonathan Edwards click here

Watch by J. C. Ryle click here
(Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ)

Visions Beyond the Veil by H. A. Baker click here

Visions Of The Part Of Heavenly City by H. A. Baker click here


Heaven & Hell

God is holy and must deal with sin. Sin can be dealt by us through repentance and faith and following Jesus in the pursuit of holiness. This way of dealing with sin leads to heaven. Or sin can accumulate and "store up the wrath of God for the Day of Judgment". People who have not dealt with their sin by repentance, faith and following Jesus will be destroyed - cast into the lake of fire.

They are not deserving of, or fit for, heaven. Their real self is still sinful and wicked. Therefore it is destroyed and punished. Hell is not a sort of debauched party full of sinners having a good time, it is unrelenting anguish without any place for or possibility of rest and relief.

HEAVEN is the absolute enjoyment of the presence and power of God. It is where God's love is perfectly understood and where absolute total blissful happiness is normal. In heaven there will be no more crying or pain. It is ended. The days of suffering, meaninglessness, misfortune and calamity are over.

It is a world ordered for good and for the very best. Should you go to Heaven you will dwell in unimaginable wealth - yet without coveting, you will reign with Christ - in humility and meekness, you will have a life that goes on for all Eternity full of purpose, love and meaning. It will be a place where every scar on your soul is Healed, where every tear is forgotten and where the life of God flows through you like an ever flowing stream. (Revelation 21&22)


Öif you confess with your mouth, ĎJesus is Lord,í and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9).

There is one God who made the world; Jesus is Godís King, and therefore all people on earth are accountable to King Jesus. This is true whether people believe it or not. Oxygen continues to exist and keep one alive whether one believes in it or not. Only because of God do we live and breath, and have our existence. God is not going to stop existing because some people donít believe in Him! And the same is true with Jesus as Godís King. Whether one believes it or not, we will all stand before Jesus one day and give an account as to how we lived in His Fatherís world. Ignoring this fact about the future doesn't change the future Ė we will all meet King Jesus.

And so we all face a choice. Will we live in Godís world like Adam in rebellion and independence from God, or will we live with Jesus as our Lord? If we choose to continue in our rebellion, then we must understand that we will face Jesus as our Judge one day. It will be a terrible judgment of eternal punishment. The Bible describes this as ďhellĒ.

However, the good news of the Bible is that if we choose Godís way through faith in Jesus, we receive forgiveness and acceptance with God. From then on we have a right relationship with God and live in His Kingdom, under His loving rule and blessing. We become His children and followers of His Son Jesus.

We will all meet King Jesus one day. The Bible presents it as an unavoidable fact. The question is: Will it be as JUDGE, or as SAVIOUR AND KING? THE CHOICE IS OURS.

Time is Running Out

Time is Running Out!

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"Look up! when all around is bright,
And sunshine gilds each day;
When every earthly, sweet delight,
Is strewed along the way.

"Look up! and bless the God above,
Let gratitude arise;
Forget not Him, who in His love
Your every need supplies.

"Look up! when all is darkness round,
Your heart with grief oppressed;
When sorrow's darkest shadows drown
The joys within your breast.

"Look up! in earnest, faithful prayer
All is in mercy given;
Your every grief, your every care,
Is meted out in Heaven.

"Look up to Jesus! who has shed
His precious blood for thee;
Oh, raise your weary, drooping head,
And His salvation see!

"Look up! for strength and heavenly might
Upon your Savior wait;
And He shall make your Shadows Bright,
And crooked places straight.

"Look up! when death is hastening on
When life is almost over;
The victory then will soon be won,
And joys for evermore!

"Look up! by steadfast faith and see
The land of holy rest,
Where saints through all eternity
Shall be with Jesus blest.

"Look up! and hail your Coming Lord
He comes to call for you;
To burst your chain-to break your cord,
And set His prisoner free!"

"Until the Day breaks, and the shadows flee away,
I will get to the Mountain of Myrrh,
and to the Hill of Frankincense."

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