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Welcome to We have 1000's of Christian Resources which will help you to Know God better, Love Jesus Christ more, and Glorify Him in practical ways. It is my prayer that, as you read, your heart will be stirred and challenged by these FREE Articles, eBooks and Sermons and Topics. God bless you. Brian. Read / Apply / Pray / Do
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The files are not to be changed before you pass them on. It is made available to you freely, and you are not to charge for it when you pass it on. I do not want profit made from this effort. God saved my soul, I have no desire for myself, or anyone else, to profit from HIS work.
I trust that HE will profit. I trust that the Lord will be able to use the efforts that have gone into this work for His glory and for the furtherance of the Great Commission . . . this work is very strong on presenting the Gospel to the Unsaved, Backslider, and also helping the Mature Christian grow. I believe these are topics that churches of the World have forgotten to teach to the present generation. I trust that you will be challenged by the articles, ebooks, pdf's, sermons. God Bless Brian.


All our resources are from individual authors of different religious backgrounds and beliefs, as a diligent student of the Bible, you will want to make sure the Bible really says what each study on this site or any site says.  Always remember to prove all things with God's word - as the Bereans did, according to Acts 17:11.  They "received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily, to see whether these things were so."

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